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January 12, 1990

I have come with a message for all my brothers and sisters that now walk the earth in the times of Now for Now is the time to choose whom You will serve in your hearts.

(SEE MARK 9:38-41)

When I was among men, the twelve I had chosen came to me. They had seen one whom they did not know do many gifts of the spirit in my name. The twelve, being in pride wanted the one to stop his work.

Because the one was different and unknown, they wanted him to stop doing the Father's work. They thought that since they were chosen by Me and by My Father, that no others could do the same work.

They did not realize that the one was not against us. That the one believed and had faith to do many marvelous works and so was one with us.

(SEE MATT. 12:24-30)

They did not realize that Satan can not work in My Name and truly do healing and castings out. For Satan can not cast himself out! He would not do so for it would be against his purpose. And his purpose is to take hold, to trap as many as are on the earth as he can.

(SEE MATÂ. 12:30-3?)

There are many in your time of Now, that do many things in My Name and My Father's Name. Some of those who do, make a mockery of the LOVE and justice of the Father. For they stand and claim to do in the name of Jesus and pretend to do healing and castings out when they do all those things for personal gain and personal power.

But I say unto you:

Look at what they accomplish!

Look at what they do in their lives!

Look at the LOVE they truly have and

you will know - you will know - whether they are of My Father  and Me or if they are from the other!

And if they are from the other, you must shut them out of your lives and not give them any of your power any more.

But if when you look into their lives and you see good, you see truth, and you see LOVE, then you will know they are of the Father and they are of Me.

For there are many in the world today, that do LOVE the Father and who do LOVE Me. And because of the LOVE and truth within their souls, are chosen by the Father and of the Father to do his work NOW.

So when you hear that some one has talked to My Father and has talked to Me and has talked to Angels and Ascended Masters. Look at their lives, and if you find truth and LOVE then believe them. When you read the words that are given them, the words will lift you up and your soul will know the word's truth.

Do not believe that a loving Father has left you alone. Do not believe that a loving Father is silent.

Do not believe that a loving father cannot or will not communicate His Mighty and Glorious will in these last days, for it is not so! There are NO Limitations  on the Father, He CAN DO ANYTHING He so desires.

He can talk to those on the earth.

He can talk to you if you would only allow it.

But your heart must be right. It must be full of LOVE and Truth. He will not talk to those whose hearts are full of greed and power for they can not hear him. For ones such as this are of the other; the one-that-is-not and would not hear the Father's voice. I would not talk to such as these, for it would be a waste of energy.

But I do talk to those who are seeking the right with all their mind heart and soul.

I do talk with those who are trying to do good and are trying to do the Father's will.

So seek out those who truly LOVE Me; who truly LOVE the Father, and make these souls your companions, for one is good, but one and another one adds more positive energy, and one and another one and another one adds even more positive energy, to the earth, to mankind, and to the heavens, and so on for the energy is in the masses.

And as the positive energy is in you and around you, you will know what is going on around you. You will Know what the Earth is doing, you will know what the Heavens are doing, you will know what the Waters are doing. You will know what I am doing. For you will know that I am coming; That I am on my way. You will know by the signs in all things.

(SEE ACT 2:17-21)

You will know by the spirit that is poured out over the earth and mankind.

You will know because of the fulfillment of Prophecy. You will know by the dreams and prophecy of those on the earth.

For the Lord thy God shall do nothing but that he should first tell His chosen ones; His prophets. And in the last days there shall be many to testify of His LOVE and Infinite Justice for they shall know first hand of these things.

Arise and Rejoice for the Kingdom of God is at hand.

All manner of Spiritual Gifts shall be restored upon the face of the land unto mankind.

(SEE MARK 9:21)

Believe and know that in the Father through Me, that all things are possible.

Believe and know that the Father talks in and through those who LOVE Him.

Believe and know that He will give messages to all the earth. Believe and know that He LOVEs you and will not leave you to wander about to and fro in a state of confusion if you desire the Light and the Word in your life. Believe and know that the Father is doing all He can to help you; to help mankind.

Believe and know that I am doing all I can to help you and mankind.

Believe and know that all who are with us both in Heaven and on Earth are doing all they can to help you and mankind.

For the Beginning of the End is here and we desire to be with all who desire to be with us.

May you choose to be on the side of Truth and LOVE and Light that we may all dwell in Life Eternal.

For there is no greater LOVE than the Father's LOVE and We invite you to come and experience that LOVE.

And to be one with the Father, One with the Everlasting Spirit, one with each other that the New World on the New Earth will be Perfection Personified.



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