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King David

October 18, 1989

Greeting and Salutation's from the All of All and the Most High,

Children of Men 

(for that is what you are when you heed not the voice of your God)

You seek for that thing which you can do that will turn the face of thy God forever from you, and I tell you, there is NO such thing that you can do.

Some of you think that murder is justification for God to punish forever. But I say unto you, that if the murderer seeks forgiveness with the fullness of his repentant heart that this deed shall be forgiven for the murderer destroyed not the spirit but only its physical habitation.

And I say unto you, that you think some murder is justifiable such as in self-defense, but I say unto you that it is better you lay your life in LOVE before the enemy than for you to take his life and you become the murderer. You see, he can only affect your physical (material) stature. While your taking of his life can affect your spiritual stature and life eternal.

Some of you think that the taking of an unborn life is a most heinous of crimes. Hear me now! The purpose of this existence is to gain a body and to experience and learn in order to progress. The unborn child is released of any commitment to that parent and is freed to choose another. While that parent has lost forever the privilege of having that spirit to LOVE in their home. Sometimes the unborn spirit may choose the same parent but it is the choice of the spirit.

Some of you think that the plunder of the earth and her creations and the animals is not a serious offence. Let me instruct you to the truth in this matter.

Jesus Christ, the one out of the loins of Jesse, taught Truth concerning this matter.

He said "LOVE the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, and soul."

Then he said "LOVE one another as I have LOVEd you."

Then he said " LOVE the earth. LOVE the animals, LOVE the plants, LOVE everything, for all is created in LOVE and exists in LOVE."

Even so much as Job was counseled to ask now the beasts and they shall teach you; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell you; Or speak unto the Earth, and it shall teach you and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto you. Who knows the hand of the Lord hath brought this into being? And in whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind.   (see Job chapter 12 )

If one views such counsel one will see that there is no room for destruction in any facet of life for all is sacred made by  God. For any destruction in any form, whether verbal or physical, is abhorrent before your God, and should be avoided.

None the less, there is repentance and forgiveness in all things. Ask and it shall be given to you liberally, for the Lord God chastise you not. Oft times, you will continue to punish yourself long after Father has forgiven you.

But you seek to know that which is most dreadful in the eyes of your God, Hear me well on this!

The most dreadful before God, is to take a spirit that is open and searching and trying to do what is right and for another to come along and say unto the open spirit, that he is wrong and must take this other way. Then lead the open spirit along a path which is not right, which leads to disillusionment, disappointment, and separation from God. Then the open spirit becomes closed to God and if he continues along this path will surely be lost ..1

Fear not the destruction of the body for it shall rise again. but fear the destruction of the spirit for that death shall be everlasting.

But even from this there is forgiveness as in Saul of old. For Saul persecuted the faithful but when he saw the Light he repented his ways and become favored by GOD. So there is now redemption in all things through the work of the Christ Jesus.

And there is no sin that needs go unforgiven.

Rejoice in the Light


1We are counseled to give the message in LOVE and NOT argue it. Each person must choose for himself. We cannot and have no right to choose for another.

Because David's message sounds so Born-Again Christian, I asked for a clarification words that he used.

SIN - any action of the soul which produces a feeling of negativity. A Soul of Light will recognize this feeling while one wrapped in Darkness may not.

REPENTANCE - the heart of the soul desiring a change of directions resulting in progression because of a learned lesson.

FORGIVENESS - the act of releasing all emotions concerning a negative happening so that the soul can progress and side step  karma through the short cut of forgiveness given by the Christ. What is meant here, is the act of forgiving releases the karma associated with the lesson.

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