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October 18, 1989

LOVE and Light be with you,

In times past, man has been given many things to help guide him on his journey here on this earth plane.

We have sent special guides that we called Prophets. Some of these served faithful. Some set themselves up as rulers and judges.

We have given laws to help govern and guide, but our laws were twisted to serve the one-that-is-not.

We commanded that adultery not be done and man made adultery as a thing with man and woman and in so doing adulterated the word as it was given.

A tithe was given to teach gratitude and obedience. Instead it was used to get gain for the Churches.

We said to do good works so man paid a minister or preacher, to do his good works.

We said to revere the Name of God and yet He is called upon to curse all manner of things He created.

We said to honor thy Father and Mother, but you limit it to earthly parents and forgot the Mother Earth from whence your bodies came and are nurtured and from whence your bodies shall return. Forgotten also is the spiritual entities  from whence your spirits came.

No matter what was given, a way was found to corrupt its true meaning. In many cases, the spiritual intent has been stripped to a bare letter of the meaning of the law.

We have tried and tried to help you. All that We have done has been changed.

In times of old, a few were chosen to help teach the Word but this did not give a belief to the individual.

So in Times of Now, the doors of Heaven have been opened wide that all that desire the knowledge of the Prophets of Old can now obtain it for themselves in the Time of Now.

All Souls can now know with a sure knowledge, the truth in all things.

Behold the Light! For I AM BESIDE YOU. Take my hand and walk.

It is now required of each individual Soul to make its own choices, its own decisions, to obtain its own knowledge. The way has been made easy, The Soul need only to move forward and stand in the Light and all shall be made known according to the Soul's faithfulness.

NO more rules will be given!

NO more laws will be given!

NO one Prophet shall be given!

As ye all are prophets unto yourselves.

You have been with the Father/Creator since the beginning-before time was. You know the plan of life, you know the rules and laws. You know all things!

It is time now for you to look inside yourself and Remember.

Then do what you know from the Beginning of Time.

Know that all your endeavors in the Light are seen and appreciated.

Know that the beauty of the Soul is LOVEd by the Father and all who are with Him.

The Father does LOVE you,

I do LOVE you,

All in the Ascended Realm LOVE you.



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