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Morihoni 10-18-89


Are there any sick among you? In the beginning this was not so. For in the beginning you were created out of God, from God, through God in his image, which was perfect.

And in that state which was the beginning, you were created perfect. But then you, as mankind created darkness until you gave it form and began to hear the words of the one-that-is-not, that one also known as Beelsebub or Lucifer, and you as mankind not only heard his LIES but you ACCEPTED them into your being.

When he told you, that you were not like God, that you were unworthy of God, you believed him. When he told you, that you were born evil and that evil was your true nature, YOU BELIEVED HIM! And then you began to teach these lies to others. And each lie that you accepted and took into your being became a seed of death, to work to destroy and suck the breathe of life out of your bodies.

In the beginning, there was no death from illness and disease. Now there is no living without the plague of illness and disease, bringing about much loss of vitality and life, often at much too early a time, even by  your earth standard.

And so in the NOW, the lies have become so common, that it is hard to find any truth. And each generation perpetuates the lies. And you are so full of these lies and darkness! It is common to believe that an (you) individual is worthless, an individual (you) is unLOVEd, that an individual (you) can't do anything right, that an individual (you) is ugly because he/she doesn’t meet the present standard of beauty, intelligence, or wealth,  the individual believes in surface things, in material things that the individual can see and touch but have no eternal value!

You believe that the more and more you possess, the more and more you prove that you exist and are somebody. You believe that you can take and take because you are stronger. Lies, Lies, Lies and many, many more lies that you teach your children, and each generation becomes worse in these lies. Unless they (the generation/children) are willing to look inside themselves and question, question, question, their lives. And when they look inside they will be able to reject the lies. For they (you) are the offspring of Gods, and as such, they (you) have the potential and ability to become like God, in all His goodness and to inherit all that He is.

And what he is in His being - is LOVE! 

For God is the Eternal Essence of LOVE. You were created out of LOVE and you are LOVE. And when you accept something into your being that is contrary to this true nature of yours, a little bit of the LOVE dies. And this will be reflected in your physical body as illness and if you destroy most of the LOVE until you hate yourself and all around you, you will surely kill yourself with some dread disease.

And this YOU do to YOU!

Know you not that you are the children of the Most High? Know you not that He creates only good?

Know you not that You are Good ?

Know you that most of what you do is only for lessons and experiences not being of good and evil?

Know you not that most are good people in heart and action but the evil you do, is to accept these lies into your being.

What you do to one another, you do to God!   You do to yourself!

How blasphemous to claim God is evil or stupid or lazy or ugly! How dare you do this unto yourself! How dare you do this unto God!

Because God is with you, in you and through you, you must come to know the truth and kick out the negative to heal your self.

Yes, you can heal yourselves of all manner of infirmities if you will accept the truth about the lie you believe.

First you must KNOW you are good; that you are LOVEd, all Heaven LOVEs you.

You must come to recognize the individual worth of the spirit, especially your own.

You must place your values in eternal things that will last forever and not be destroyed by whim or fancy or time.

You must recognize and ACCEPT your own individual beauty and let it blossom, as the rose.

And you must kick out the negative. There can be no room within your being for untruths and you will receive health and vitality in this physical existence and have eternal life as well.

Remember to find within all things, Positive attitudes, positive mind, and spirit will do much where physical measures are not sufficient. You are individual! Your truth in all things is individual!

Are there any sick among you? In times past, you were counseled to call up the Elders for laying on of hands.

Now are you counseled to look within, find your own faith, and to heal yourself from the spirit outward to the body. Use all means that are available to you, but especially start with YOU: the body, AND the spirit. For the body is NOT- without the spirit. Yet if the spirit is healthy, vitally alive; so shall the body be.

This I, Morihoni counsel this day before the Great Creator

and in the name of the Most High, Jesus the Christ.

So be it!

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