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The Greatest Gift is LOVE

Now is a great time in your life. There is much that is going on in your life and your world. There are many discoveries. There is much going on in the Heavens.

And yet, with all that goes on--there is less LOVE, less peace, less happiness, less joy of living in your homes and in your lives.

Much of what you see and hear goes on outside you and you keep yourselves so filled with these outside going ons that you do not see or hear or feel the wondrous beauty that is within you.

As I have said, this is a great time in your life for you have the opportunity to explore inner space and discover the uniqueness and specialness that is you, to find the unimaginable sparkle of the rare gem that is you.

For as you look inward, you will find the center of your being inseparable from the center of ALL things. That here lies quiet greatness of all that you can become. The tiny spark of godness needs only your acceptance and allowance to be fanned into a glorious light for all to see.

For the Great Light is on its way.  And it is a great time in your life, because it will be here in your life. But if you are one with it, you will have nothing to fear.

It is also a great time in your life because all of Heaven is getting ready for the Great Light.  All the Earth is getting ready for the Great Light.

And there are two of each for all things that get ready; spiritually and physically. For the Great Light is two. It is both spiritual and physical. You are two. You are spiritual and you are physical. The Earth is two. The Heavens are two.

All things that are physical are in their own time and season and are ordered to be a certain way-

But the spiritual has purpose and choice. The spiritual within you is this way. You can choose for yourself to be part of all things in making ready for the Great Light. In this way, you can be aware, you can be in tune (harmony) with all that happens.

That is why I am here. To let you know that if you choose to be a part of the greatest time in all of Earth's history, that the very doors to Heaven have been open wide. All who are with Mother/Father God are anxious to assist you. For at no time before, has God/Goddess been so anxious to communicate with YOU. He/She wants you to see the good. He/She wants you to see the wonderful things that are coming to pass. He/She does not want you to be frightened or fearful. He/She wants you to be able to rejoice in each Prophecy fulfilled. He/She wants you to rejoice with Earth and the Heavens and with each other.

He/She has sent many teachers among you to teach you how to find the Truth that is within you. He/She has sent you many teachers to teach many wonderful things. He/She has sent you many Books.

Even now, He/She has sent you a Prophet with a new Book that will help you to understand the Time of Now; what is going on and what you are to do. And the words in the Book are the same as the ones in your heart. For It tells you nothing that you do not already know inside you; for you have been from the beginning and you know all things within you. But for some of you, who constantly look outside yourself, He/She has sent the Book.

He/She has sent angels, archangels, and prophets to help you. Some are on Earth trying to help you, but they can only do so much.'

It is YOU that must help yourself. It is YOU who must choose what you will do or not do.

And it is a great time to choose to be in truth; in Godís Truth, in your truth, for they are the same.

However, you should understand that your neighborís truth is not the same as yours. But your neighborís truth and Godís Truth are the same for your neighbor.

Truth is like a Rose. It comes in many different colors and many different shapes, but when brought into your life, it brings beauty with it. As it unfolds, it becomes even more beautiful.

There are those who believe that God is Spirit. There are those who believe that God is physical. (Some do not believe in God at all, but that is their problem). Each believe so strongly, that they do not see that both are right. God can be either, if he so chooses. He does not adhere to the limitations WE put on Him. God is only saddened by the discord created by those who would force all to their personal beliefs.

The Truth is


no matter what design you would give Him.

The Truth is; 

God LOVEs you with no limitations.

The Truth is; 

You are to LOVE yourself even with your accepted limitations.

He/She gives you wondrous Books to help show you the way, but you as a people say "This is what the Book says" or "That is what the Book says: and you forget the Spirit that is in the Book and get so concerned about what the words say, that you canít possibly "see" the Truth that is there!

The Truth can not be seen without the Spirit, without the Spiritís essence of LOVE. Without LOVE NOTHING is. For ALL things were created out of the energy of LOVE.

If you do not have LOVE, you will die.

If the earth does not have LOVE, She will die.

If the Book is not read with LOVE, It will be dead.

And so, LOVE is all there is. It is all that matters.

LOVE of your mate.

LOVE of your children.

LOVE of Yourself.

LOVE of the animals and plants.

LOVE of the Earth Creation.

LOVE of the Mother/ Father ~~ God/Goddess -- Creator.

LOVE of Everything Everywhere.

You may think that you know LOVE, but I tell you that you have no inkling of LOVEóUntil you know the True Spirit of LOVE.  What you know is like a pond with a few wondrous things, when compared to a Mighty Ocean FILLED with wondrous Things

I encourage you to travel from your little "pond" to the "Mighty Ocean". When you begin your journey, you will be as a traveler loaded with many suitcases and bags so that you can present yourself accordingly to the occasion. But as you travel, you will find that you do not need this outfit-it is not the real you, or that outfit is not the real you either. One by One, you will leave your excess baggage behind you, until when you reach the Mighty Ocean, you can rush into it and immerse yourself in It.

Such is the Journey into Total LOVE, Unconditional LOVE, God LOVE. And when you arrive, you will find that you left nothing behind you that you REALLY needed.

So LOVE is all that matters. It is the only path to happiness, joy, and well being. A journey that is ITS own reward.

And then in some small way, can you comprehend the LOVE the Mother/Father God/Goddess Creator has for YOU'.

And it will be truly a GREAT TIME in YOUR life'.

Be in the Light Always, Your Loving Sponsor


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