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 Arise, Oh Ye Children of the Most High

OCTOBER 21, 1989
Channel Marcine Quenzer


My People

I bring tidings of Great Joy for behold the great and dreadful day of the Lord is at hand. For it shall be great unto all who LOVE the Father, and are in His Light but it shall be dreadful unto all who wander in confusion and darkness.

Unto those who know of the Father and his great LOVE, that LOVE which was brought forth out of the seed of Jesse and the loins of David. Unto all who know this LOVE, shall the day that comes be as though a day of homecoming, of indescribable joy, happiness, completeness and joining one with the Father, the Most High, and the King of Kings.

For in that day shall all the law be complete, all prophecy fulfilled!

For this is that day that all men have heard of, and have wondered about. That day in which all Heaven, all Earth, all Galaxies, all Universes, all Gods, all who inhabit these places have looked forward to and have required of the Lord God of all men, that all order be brought about, that all harmony be re-established through out all Creation.

For we who have lived upon this earth, and do now live upon this earth, have been like unto God—knowing good and evil. We have had the right to choose that which we do. This was the gift from the Father to his children that they might experience and out of the experience choose that which is good and beautiful because we LOVED it.

But this is not what has happened. We have not become a good and beautiful people. We have chosen to pollute. We have chosen to destroy the spirit, we have chose to destroy all the beauty. We have chosen to destroy the physical for there is much illness among you.

In the beginning this was not so. In the beginning all was beautiful. Pure were your physical bodies. But when you listened to the serpent and you accepted his lies into your being, you created illness.

And yet today, you still allow his lies into your being. Know Ye not that you are GOOD, Know ye not that ye are sons and daughters of God, That you came From Him, Out of Him, Through Him. You are part of Him. He is part of You. You are One! You are the same! You have no limitations!

And yet you judge yourselves by physical standards. How much money--How much importance--How much you HAVE--When you have Nothing--for the day is Coming when things such as these shall be no more and all you will have will be you. And you will stand before God as nothing, when you could be all , when you could be everything. For if you will be who you are to be, you can live forever in joy, peace, and happiness. You can live NOW in joy, peace, and happiness. Ye are Kings and Queens! Princes and Princesses!  Accept this fact for it is so.

And the only "things" worth having are those that have eternal value such as joy, peace, happiness, beauty, YOU. The real you. Not the you that accepts the evil ones lies, not you that accepts man's limitations. You who wallow in your own self pity and mired in your own pollution of mind, body, and spirit.

I say unto you ARISE!

RISE above all that keeps you from the Father's LOVE.

Arise, 0 ye children of the Most High!

Arise and accept the blessings of Joy Eternal that He has for you;…. not your neighbor…. or your bishop….. or your priest, but for you.

Accept being special! Accept being more precious than any metal or stone! Accept God! Accept your own beauty and truth!  Accept your own divinity!

Arise all ye people and

Praise your God

For  the Time is Here

It is Now

LOVE Him with all your Heart, Mind, and Soul that you might receive His Eternal Gifts.

Hear Ye 0 my People

Hear Ye with the Heart

Hear Ye with Mind

Hear Ye with the soul

And Know this

That God IS

And that He is coming to claim all who know and LOVE Him.

Choose now for yourself whom ye shall serve!

Choose Now

My heart is with you all. Know that the Father LOVEs you. The Mother LOVEs you. The Son LOVEs you and all that are with Them LOVE you.




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