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Morihoni  1-28-90

FEAR NOT THOSE WHO WOULD DESTROY YOUR PHYSICAL BODY, for it will die and must return to the Earth from whence it came.

BUT FEAR THOSE WHO WOULD DESTROY THE SPIRITUAL, WHO WOULD SEPARATE YOU FROM THE LOVE OF GOD, FOR HERE IN IS THE GREATER FEAR. For the spiritual is Eternal and is meant to have Eternal Life, not to wander in darkness away from the LOVE and Light of the Father.

Put your values, your concerns, your energies into those things of ETERNAL nature. Do not give them to the one-that-is-not or to those things that are from him, for he is and has nothing except the energy that you give him.

Do not put your LOVE into your social position, your fine house and car, your wonderful clothes, your handsome body, or all the physical things that you can see, and feel, and touch, for these things are gone in a twinkling of the eye and are no more. But put your LOVE and energy into the Father, into the things that are of Him, into your fellow god-children, into your Mother Earth, into the things that do good for all.

And what is good? Those things that are filled with LOVE and not personal gain. Those things that prepare for Eternity not for momentary pleasure. Those things that build and does not destroy.

I do not say that having the abundant life is wrong. What I say is "Seek first the Kingdom of God and all things that are good will be given onto you. Be SPIRITUAL first, and PHYSICAL second. Then the things of this world will be given as blessings because your heart will be right. But be physical first and all that is spiritual to YOU will be lost, and the physical you gather unto yourself shall be fleeting.

But be as the Virgins with their lamps and light the way for all those who desire to attend the party. Be as a beacon shining in the wilderness, lighting the way, that the faithful do not stumble and fall. For the ceremony is at hand, and the Light must be steady and bright.

Be who you are meant to be. Be all that you are. Do not allow fear and conjecture and the world's emotions to become yours.

Do not buy into all the negative, for the FEAR comes from the one-that-is-not and is used to dim your light, to confuse you, and to separate you from the focus of your being. And the focus of your being is to be one with the Father, to have a personal relationship with the ascended realm.

You must hold the light for the world to see. You must be that light, forever shining, beckoning, balancing. For one add one add one and so on shall fill the earth and bring peace. These are my words, and the Father's words for you.


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