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Bubble Meditation

Get comfortable. Take a couple of deep breaths for relaxing. Envision the doors of heaven opened. See clouds with hosts and hosts of people and they're singing and happy. Feel their joy, celebration, and vibration. Take a deep breath. As you breathe out, begin to relax. Let go of the tension, problems, concerns from the day's activities, from those things which are going on in your residences. Again breathe in deeply and breathe out, relaxing, letting go of the problems, concerns, tension, and the stresses. Breathe in deeply again, this tine breathing into your toes and fingertips, reaching into the very depths of you. As you breathe out, release and relax.

In your mind's eye see your version of the Creator sending the light to you, surrounding you with it. Crystallize the edges and send a grounding cord into the earth. Now see the beautiful light coming from the Creator, pouring into the crown, and filling you up like a vessel. See and feel it. Be conscious of the light in your toes and as it comes up into your legs, thighs, hips, torso, chest, fingertips and arms, up to the shoulders, the throat, and the head. The light just keeps pouring in until it begins to bubble over. See the White Light bubbling... bubbling... bubbling... bubbling over. Begin to feel the joy, enthusiasm, and the spirit. Begin to see these bubbles, spilling over into everything around you... your home, work, relationships whether child, parent, friend, or LOVEr. See the White Light bubbling over into all aspects of your life. As it bubbles, it bubbles joy, happiness, LOVE, and enthusiasm for life itself. See everyone else around you being caught up in the bubbles. See them playing in the bubbles, blowing in the bubbles. Each bubble is a representation of joy, happiness, LOVE, and enthusiasm. See the White Light as it has thoroughly filled your life with bubbles. Relax and feel the bubbles in your life.

"Rejoice. It's party time. Just let it fill your life. Fill your being and your world. Enjoy and know that each of you is worthy and deserving. Through your devotion and attention to working and growing on your own individual path, know that no matter at what level you are presently experiencing joy, happiness, enthusiasm for living and LOVE, it can be increased a hundredfold, a hundred times a hundred. Know that the rewards for your diligence in the pursuit of your own perfection is absolute feeling of the vibrations, euphoria, and ecstasy.

Each of you in your life has had glimpses of what this expression really is. It could be anything. It could be praise from the parent which was well-deserved and well-earned. It might be the birth of a child. It might be the completion of a special project well-done. Whatever that feeling was, go back to feel it the best you possibly can. Think of that experience which created that state of euphoria or ecstasy where life couldn' t have felt any better. Feel and bring that feeling into your mind. Recapture it. Bring it into your bodies. Bring that moment into the time of now, totally filling the present you with the feelings of joy, ecstasy, euphoria. Bring it into this time of now, filling you to the brim until it bubbles over. Now feel yourself while you are here. Feel your body for there are no aches, pains, or tiredness. In fact, you can hardly feel your body at all. You feel effervescent... light, airy, like a bubble.

For a minute let's experience being a bubble. First, you are a single bubble in perfect symmetry. As the light plays with you, there are many different colors. You reflect the colors of the rainbow... pinks, lavenders, blues, greens, yellows. All the colors of the rainbow play around you. You are a bubble.

You can now change shapes. You can be square. Ever see a square bubble? Imagine one! For anything you can think of, you can achieve. Become a square bubble! And the bubble is still there for the light still plays with you and surrounds you. And the colors still dance and the feeling inside is still joy, ecstasy, and euphoria. So why in anyone's concept should the feeling inside that bubble be any different just because it's a different shape or color?

Look now! Each of us as a bubble joins with each other and becomes part of a collection of bubbles and together we can feel the joy, LOVE, ecstasy, and euphoria. Feel thoroughly. Draw from the group. You may feel it and experience it more fully because now we are a bundle of bubbles together. And yet the light is still around us and the colors still dance. Even the bubble which is in the center still receives the light and still has the dancing colors.

See these bubbles begin to raise. See them as they begin to float higher and higher. One by one the bubbles begin to pop. The LOVE, joy, ecstasy, and enthusiasm for this room, this physical existence, this time of now suddenly release and shower upon all the earth. See all the bubbles burst and release. Each of us as spirit entities now no longer as who we physically are. We still retain the light. We still retain the joy, happiness, enthusiasm, ecstasy.

Share it (through giving and releasing) with the multitudes on the face of the earth that all the earth may one day come to know and experience the total union of man and light which brings the joy, LOVE, enthusiasm, and the ecstasy. Do not falter on your path for you do live in a physical world and physical existence. There are yet many challenges and opportunities. You will not be able at all times to retain this feeling of the bubble but remember it. When the challenges are there, the despair, the hurt, the pain or whatever it is you may be facing, kick them out. Force them away. Remember the feelings you have at this time. Call them forth so that you may be able to face your challenges with strength and joy, knowing that you will conquer. You will win self-mastery.

The heavens find great delight in this particular group. They find it a pleasure to be here and walk among you, sharing the energy which is generated by each of you. In turn, they find joy, LOVE, and enthusiasm for the work which they do. Each of you is a part of that. Know that you are valuable not only for the work which you do for yourself but also for the work you do for the others around you, for all the earth, all the inhabitants of the earth, and the work you do also in the spirit world.

You are not single and individual. You are but part of a greater whole. As you individually work on yourself, know that you affect the whole. And know that when the work of each individual in the whole, i.e., the spirit and physical world, is in a positive nature and vein of LOVE, it is comprehensive. Therefore, you can see that each is immeasurably valuable. The loss of any one of you to this work diminishes the work of all.

Seek your highest good and attainment so that you may be all that you really are and so that you may be able to receive the fullness of the blessing of the light. We will be with you at all times. Simply ask for our help and assistance. Each of you has guides and guardian angels and LOVEd ones from lifetimes past who are in this room at this moment who will go with you, help you, guide you, and bring you into your own individual path of mastery.

Ask for their help now. The light be with you in all things at all times. Amen.


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