Hear Me, My Children

Have I not provided for you?

Have you not built homes from my materials?

Have you not ate fully of the garden of delights I have provided for you?

In all things I have taken care of you:

the air you breathe,

the water you drink,

the earth you stand upon…all is me!

For sometime now, I have been sending warnings to you..

Your dishonoring will not continue!

You shall not kill me! It will not be allowed!

If it is a test of wills that you desire, then so be it.

But you will find your will is nothing to me.

I shall shake you as fleas off a dog’s back if I must.

Turn NOW from your wanton ways.

Turn NOW from your heathen gods of More and More:

For how much you have is never enough for you…

My anger is turned against thee for I am as a woman in travail,

I give birth to a new life,… a new earth..

My face shall change before you.!

You will not prevail~ If you continue in your path of wickedness and destruction.


TERRA Mother Earth

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