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Earth Energies

September 28, 2001

In your mind’s eye invision the Creator. See your version of the Creator. See Him send a White Light down around you. Crystallize the outside edges so that you are encased in a crystal sphere. Send a grounding cord down into the earth and tie it around a great stone. Know that this grounding cord enables you to come back to the here and now whenever you desire. Ask now that you see the light coming from the creator. Bring it in at the crown. See it as it begins to flow into your mind, the front of your face, the back of your head. Breathe in Breath out Release and relax. Again breathe in deeply, reach down into your toes, and as you breath out release and relax letting go of problems, and concerns situations, things that are on you mind that keep your mind busy and darting Let go of them and relax now. Now a third time breath in deeply, and as you breath out,…. release and relax. Now continue filling your body with this beautiful white light that is coming from the Creator…. See it coming down through the throat, across the shoulders, arms and hands, down through the chest, hips, legs, until the interior of your body is totally filled with this beautiful White Light. Now in your mind’s eye invision the white light coming out through the forehead circling around coming in the back of your head, coming out the front circling around the other side and coming back in forming a figure 8. As you breath in see the light come in. As you breath out see the light flow out. Now as this light goes through that place in your forehead, at the third eye, if the light comes out discolored in anyway, clean it up before sending it back in. Do this three times please. Out the front, in the back. Out the front, in the back. Out the front, in the back. Now drop the light down into the throat. And see again the light form a figure 8. and again three times please. Out the front, in the back. Out the front, in the back. Out the front, in the back. Clean up this light each time to make sure that it is the whitest brightest light that you are bringing into your body. Now drop down to the heart. And again bring it out the front and in the back in a figure 8 three times please, while maintaining all previous figure 8’s. Now as we have entered the heart and the figure 8 is forming through there, See the one at the crown is turning into purple, violet, lavender, or indigo. Any of these shades are permissible. Drop down to the Solar Plexus with the white light going out the front and in the back in a figure 8. Breathing three times. Now as you do so see the figure 8 at the throat turn to blue. Now drop down to the sacral. And again out the front and in the back into a figure 8. Breathe three times. And as you do so see the one (8) at the heart level turning green. Now see the white light as it drops down to the root, breathing out the front in the back. Out the front in the back in a figure 8. This one needs a little more work so on the first three breathes, see the solar plexus turn to yellow. Now do a second set of three and see the sacral turn to orange. Clean up the light each time, now on this third time see the light at the root level turn to red. As you breath out see it turn to vibrant clear red. Clean up all colors. Let no darkness, no grayness, no muddiness exist in any of the colors at any level. Take the time to clean up each color before sending back it through. And by the third time, out the front in the back out the front in the back. Excellent! Now see the light at the base of your spine and bring it up the back of your spine. And let it manifest in all the colors. Let it come up the back of the spine to the top of the head, and begin to channel down straight through the body through all the charkas, back up the spine, now as it comes back in the crown of the head and goes through all the charkas, hold it and begin to see this light as it spirals within you. Now if you notice that your light is spiraling clockwise, this is the usual direction. If you find it spiraling counter clockwise, means you have a connecting with mother Earth. So at this time please notice which way the light is spiraling within you; Now see this energy building within you. See this spirit energy build Tell your body to partake of all of the energy that it is needed for personal healing. And for those places that you have within your body… that you know needs healing right now, concentrate on bringing that light into the physical being at the cellular level and concentrate on this light coming in and healing.

If any of you at this time have a special request that you would like to give to the Creator regarding your personal healing, if there is an addiction that you have: where it is cigarettes, sugar, or the more harmful substances, please ask the Creator now to take these from you hand see these addictions being drained into Mother Earth through the cord that you attached. Those of you who may have physical illness, see the illness now manifest itself as an energy and ask the Creator to release you from this illness and see it this illness being sent down into Mother Earth.

Mother Earth has the capabilities of our human frailties to be able to change those energies. As like the carbon dioxide that we breathe out is changed by her living plants to the oxygen that we need, so she has the ability to change all negative energies that we give off and to create positive energy for her own use. This is why some of you have heard, that when you are in a bad mood or when you need to have energy, to hug a tree. For a tree that can give you that same energy exchange as it does with the breath that you breathe. For a moment in your mind’s eye, in front of you, and imagine that you have wrapped your arms around this tree. Now with your spirit, feel this tree. Feel it in its roots. Feel the roots as they reach down into Mother Earth to obtain sustenance, nutrients, and moisture. And you can feel the deep vibration of the roots. For the vibration goes down very low. Now with your spirit energy feel where the trunk comes out of the earth and you will find that the vibration is higher than that vibration you experienced in the roots. Now take your spirit energy and go to the top of the trees and experience that energy that is so high so light so airy, There is a sense of freedom, there is a sense of Joy there is an incredible lightness.

When you have time, this experience that you have just experienced. Go to a tree Ask the tree permission and if permission is granted, and you will know, sit down beside the tree and again go down into its roots, go up its trunk, go out to the leaves at the end of the limbs and feel the vibration of these trees. Hold your hand in front of these leaves, and you will be able to feel the breath of the tree, for the tree is a living entity. For it is filled also with the Creator’s energy for that is what gives the tree life and just like you, it has energy at different levels for what we have just experienced is the energy system, the chakra system of the tree.

And when you have time on your own go forth into Nature and feel this for yourself. Not in your imagination but in the reality of being in that tree’s energy. Now in that lightness, in that airiness, in that breath that comes off the trees, let yourself now become that air, and feel the lightness, feel how you can now float up, up, up and as you float up, look down across the earth, and as the earth lays before you and spreads before you see the greenness of her hills, see the blue of her waters, see the beating of her heart. Feel the rhythm of her life. And you will be come cognizant that the beating of your own heart resonates with that of Mother Earth. Bring them into alignment. Bring them into exact rhythm. Feel your heart within. Feel the rhythm of Mother Earth and become one with her. As you become one, see your spirit energy go from the outside of her realm to the very center of her being, and you as spirit can yet feel and recognize the energies without as well as the ones within simultaneously. You have the ability to feel that lightness in the air and at the same time feel the innermost part of Mother Earth. As you feel the lightness in the air without and that sense of freedom and joy which comes with being free of bondage the being free of your physical body as you are yet within Mother Earth, resonating within her, you can feel the LOVE she has for you. You see that she recognizes you as one of hers. And even tho the physical body that you now inhabit will one day return to her, she recognizes you, she LOVEs you, and at this time she desires to send to you this incredibly beautiful coral energy that she now wraps you in and holds you in. She recognizes you as being one of the Light beings, one of the ones that have been brought here to safeguard her and to heal her, and in return know that if you will take the time to cultivate this relationship with her, that no matter what is going on in the face of the Earth that wherever storms may rages, fires may burn that your light and your connection with her can turn the face of the storm, can quiet the waters, can bring the rains, can stop the fires. Know that as you return this beautiful coral light to Mother Earth, see it now, turn to vivid shades of pink as you return it to her. That as you establish this bond of LOVE with our Mother, that as she recognized you that you now have the vibrational strength and power to stand before our mother’s rages and not be harmed by it for we understand that LOVE is the essence of all things even our Mother. And in her attempts to heal herself and to heal the energies the man has created upon her face and deep within her, for they are still doing the Nuclear testing within her, and they still dig deep within her for the jewels and gems and substances that make up our present time to living. That as she works to heal these things that we can aid her by sharing our LOVE with her and by channeling the healing powers of the Great Creator’s through us to her. So as we now have sent our own LOVE to her Now again see the Creator standing above you sending to you his beautiful unconditional pink light sending it through you in at the crown directly through you straight into Mother Earth. See it as a shaft of light totally encompassing you surrounding you, going through you, deep into our Mother.

End of Tape. Sorry.

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