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Light Healing Meditation

The first thing Id like for you to do is envision your God, your Creator... whatever form He desires to take. Please accept Him and see Him send the White Light down to you, surrounding you in it. Now in your mind's eye crystallize the edges and see the inside of the crystal sphere filled with total White Light. At this time, ask your guides, your guardian angel, anyone else with whom you are comfortable.... even Jesus or God Himself. Whomever you feel most comfortable with, invite them into your crystal sphere. See and feel them. Just allow them to be there, to watch over and protect you, and to make sure the information you receive is for your highest good.

Now breathe in deeply and as you breathe in, see the White Light as it fills your body. Breathe in. See the White Light come into the throat, into the lungs, filling the chest. As you breathe out, let go the tension, the problems, the concerns from the day. Breathe out and relax. As you breathe in again, see the White Light coming into your body, filling your head and torso. As you breathe out, relax, letting go of the problems you have from work and home. Let them flow away from you. You don't need them now. And again breathe in deeply, this time seeing the entirety of the inside of your body.... from your head to your toes to your fingertips being filled with the White Light. As you breathe out, let go of any remaining tension, thoughts, concerns, negativity. Let them go. Let them flow out into the White Light. Again breath in deeply, seeing the inside of your body filled with the beautiful White Light. Let the White Light become brighter.. and brighter and brighter.

Now in your mind's eye, let the blue light come from the Creator, from the universal source. See it as it comes down to you. See it enter the crown of your head. See and feel it as though it were a cool clear mountain stream. Let the water wash through the mind, through the inside of your head. Let it pour do..... rinsing, cleaning, clearing. Let the blue light come down, filling your head. Let it flow down into your throat, across your shoulders. See and feel it as though it were a cool clear mountain stream, rinsing you clean. Let the blue light flow down, filling up your torso. Let it flow into the arms and legs, to the fingertips and the toes. See yourself as this vessel, now totally filled with the beautiful, beautiful blue light that is like a mountain stream pure, clear, cleansing, and healing.

Now see the Creator, the universal source send to you His LOVE, His beautiful unconditional LOVE. See it being sent to you as an iridescent pink. See it wrap around you inside your crystal sphere. See it. Feel it as though it were a soft warm blanket wrapped around you like two loving arms... .to hold you and keep you safe... total unconditional LOVE. See the Creator send directly into the center of your being, into your heart, a beautiful, beautiful pink light which is vivid and rich. See yourself accepting this Pink Light right into your own heart. See your heart being filled with the beautiful vibrant Pink Light. With each breath, see this Light filling your heart with unconditional LOVE. See and feel it. Now let it flow forth from your heart, filling all parts of your physical being from the top of your head to your fingertips and your toes, filling all of the inner being.

Now see a mirror reflection of yourself, a mirror reflection of you. See you, yourself, standing before you. Tell yourself that you are sorry for the pain, the harm, the difficult lessons which you have put yourself through. Even the negative things somehow were for your lessons. You must now tell yourself that you are sorry for all the pain, the harm and the hurt which you have created in your life. Now look yourself deeply in the eyes and tell yourself that you forgive you. You forgive you for the pain, the harm, the hurt, the anger. You forgive you for being stupid, for not having chosen the right things in your life. Forgive yourself for all these things and any others which you feel at this time. Forgive yourself. Say.

"I do forgive me. Itm turning over a new leaf. I am beginning my life anew. No longer will I let these things hold me back for I am now going forward to have peace, contentment, joy and life abundant for myself."

See the Pink Light which is within your being flow from your own heart and like two loving arms wrap around you. The Father LOVEs you unconditionally. There is nothing which you have ever done, nothing you could possibly ever do, which would make Him stop loving you. His LOVE is there always for you. Now allow yourself to care and to LOVE yourself unconditionally with all your challenges, problems, worries, and concerns. These things are not important... only you are. Allow yourself to care enough about you to make the changes which you need in your life. So let the pink light from your own heart flow out and around you.... and surround you... and hold you.

The Creator now desires to send you a beautiful Golden Light. Let it come down to you and enter the crown of your head. This Light is His glorious wisdom. It comes into you as though it is a rich golden honey. Let this honey flow down, filling your crown, filling your mind, filling the third eye. Let the Golden Light come in. As it comes into your mind, blessing you with wisdom, you may understand those things which are right for you. Let it fill the third eye that you may be able to understand things of a spiritual nature Let the beautiful Golden Light flow down into the throat so that you may find words of wisdom, that you may be able to communicate and to explain your truth. Let the Golden Light now flow into the heart so that the heart may have wisdom in understanding your challenges and in selecting the right path of truth which is for you. Let the Golden Light now flow into the rest of your body, filling it so that your spirit and physical being will have wisdom in the proper choices for health.... in food, in exercising, and in following the path which is right for you.

The Creator now desires to send you His beautiful iridescent sky Blue Light. This is a real pale blue and in it you will see little sparkles of light like the sun reflecting on the new fallen snow. Now let this Blue Light come in at the crown and enter your mind, blessing you with spiritual power so that where indecision was before, you now have the power to make decisions in wisdom. Let the Blue Light now bless the third eye, so that here through spiritual power, you will have discernment and intuition. Let the beautiful Blue Light, the Spiritual Power, flow into the throat so that now you will have power and wisdom to speak your truth, to be able to say for yourself that you are unwilling and will not have negativity in your life, that you will have the power to make those choices. Let the iridescent Blue Light which is filled with little sparkles flow into your heart, giving you spiritual power of discernment and that through this power you will know those things which are right for you. Let the blue light fill all of your body, giving your body spiritual power for healing purposes.

Now inside your crystal shield, see a beautiful emerald Green Light. Fill up your crystal shield. It is clear. It is translucent. Let the Green Light... whatever shade you visualize.. . manifest itself clear and translucent. Now hold this Green Light inside your body and inside your crystal sphere. In your mind's eye, choose one thing in your life which you want to change. Envision you with this change in your life. See you with this change as though it has already happened. Now see this as it reflects within your world, how it affects your family and friends. See the joy and the happiness which this one thing makes in your life. See and feel it. Try to envision exactly how it will be. Make this vision inside your head as complete and accurate as you can. See the changes which it brings in your family. See the changes which it brings in you. Enjoy feeling and seeing these changes.

See all of these things in a beautiful gift box, a green gift box. Pick it up and send it out into the universe and let it go. You have just now handed it over to the universe. It is now in the care of the Creator and of the universe and only good can come to you in this life. See it float away from you.

At this time, envision a beautiful Lavender Light. See it come down to you. See it surround you. See this beautiful Lavender Light turn to a Lavender Flame and you are in the center of this flame. Ask the Lavender Light to transmute any negativity which remains in your body and spirit. Ask the Lavender Light to transmute you, removing the remainder of any negative energy, making you all new with a fresh start. Now as you are in this flame, see the White Light once again come from the Creator like a beautiful shaft of light. See it enter in at the crown, filling all of your inside body with the beautiful White Light while you are still inside the Purple Flame. Ask now that the Purple Flame transmute all negative energy back to the beginning of time... through all your lives... not just this one but all of them.

Once again the Father desires to send His Pink Light to you, to surround you in it. Now see the Pink Light coming in, surrounding you, and holding you securely in His LOVE. See your guides, your higher self, guardian angels, whoever it is you invited inside your crystal shield, also sending their LOVE to you. Know that they are with you always, that at no time are you alone, that you can call upon unseen powers to help, guide, and give you strength. Thank all of those who are with you and helped you. Thank you.... thank you... thank you. Be aware that they are with you always.





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